A Graduate of Graphic and Communication design at The University of Leeds, looking to expand my understanding and practical skills within a real world, working environment. With interests spanning from digital illustration, print and photography to music and art direction, my life has been heavily influenced by the creative arts on a day to day basis. This environment has allowed me to develop my creative and critical thinking, whilst also teaching me the social and communication skills needed to integrate and thrive within a team.  
Able to confidently and quickly produce work using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Years of experience in photography both digital and film, from capturing images to editing photos. Skills gained in print and book making, expanding from experience in traditional drawing and painting techniques, aiding in digital work as well as stand alone pieces. Open and friendly with a keen willingness to learn new skills and practices, whilst integrating within a team or social working environment.
Now with the formal bit out of the way feel free to contact through the boxes below or alternatively send me an email at tommorleydesign@gmail.com. I don't speak like a robot all the time, I promise.
Thank you!
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