A graduate of The University of Leeds, with work focusing within illustration, branding and packaging design. Looking to expand my understanding and practical skills within a real world, working environment. Through pursuing personal projects and freelance work, I am constantly learning and developing my creative thinking and practical skills. I’d relish the opportunity to work amongst other creative professionals to help me further develop as a designer, whilst also seeing how I can input my range skills and ideas to create thoughtful, impactful design solutions.  
Able to confidently and quickly produce work using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with progressing skills in other areas of Adobe suite. Specific interest in mixed media design solutions, ranging from using traditional illustration skills, photography, image manipulation and varying typographical styles and techniques. Years of experience in photography both digital and film, capturing and editing images for personal and professional work. Open and friendly with a keen willingness to learn and integrate into a new, social, team environment.
Now with the formal bit out of the way feel free to contact through the boxes below or alternatively send me an email at tommorleydesign@gmail.com. I don't speak like a robot all the time, I promise.
Thank you!
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