Home Brew Co.
Drinks Packaging Three separate craft beer packaging designs, each one representing a stage in my life that influenced my growth into the person I am today. Each deliverable draws directly from a mix of personal experience and research into specific fields of design, creating three unique products that I feel not only represent my own experiences but the cultures around them.
Sweet Xplorers
Childrens Food Packaging A new face to flour. Sweet Xplorers provides an immersive, creative baking experience using its all naturally coloured flour. Allowing kids and parents to learn and explore like never before in the kitchen!
Albion: National Milks
Drinks Packaging A series of three premium milk bottles designs for imaginary brand 'Albion'. Each one based off location, breed of cow and unique quality of each milk.
Worlds Without End
Book A short book created as a response to the open source text ‘Worlds Without End’. Using coloured filters to display three different narratives layered through out.
M&S Package Design
Food Packaging A packaging series designed for a 'Daily' range of M&S bread. Designed to be family friendly, with additional print ad.
Lark Press Poetry
Book Covers A brief to design a series of poetry book covers for the fictional publisher Lark press, based around the concept of duel meaning.
Photo Manipulation (What Did You Wear Today) A project looking at combining a few of my interests, photography, editing and fashion. Through this series I get to showcase a collection of clothes I’ve built up over the years whilst combining them with a surreal editing twist.
Temple Works
Mixed Media A brief set looking at creating content around a specific building in Leeds. A mix of Print, Digital and Video to advertise the location and an event.
Photography My life through a point and shoot. Friends, places, things I want to remember. Not work but I reckon just as important (at showing I'm not a social recluse)
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