Home Brew Co.
Branding/Drinks Packaging Three separate craft beer packaging designs, each one representing a stage in my life that influenced my growth into the person I am today. Each deliverable draws directly from a mix of personal experience and research into specific fields of design, creating three unique products that I feel not only represent my own experiences but the cultures around them.
Queens Books
Shop Branding A branding projects for a specialist LGBTQ+ bookshop in the heart of Leeds. Acting as a platform for LGBTQ+ writers and artists. The branding was developed in a sensitive way that highlighted this factor.
Albion: National Milks
Drinks Packaging A series of milk bottles designed to market premium milk from different cows, each using a specific country. Full illustrative series inspired by the traditional farmers milk bottle label.
Sweet Xplorers
Branding/Food Packaging Hand made, illustrative children flour packaging. A series of three unique coloured flour packagings aimed at families baking with children. Each colour carries a specific theme of discovery and adventure that is the reflected in the brand name.
Various A collection of freelance projects I’ve undertaken for clients. Focussing mainly on branding and custom illustrations in a variety of styles.
Temple Works: Beers Festival
Branding/Promotion A series of digital posters that would be used as promotional material for a Beer Festival held at Temple Works Leeds. Inspiration taken from the building itself and the history behind it. Promotional video using the Temple Works logo as a key visual touchpoint as additional material.
M&S: Daily Loaf
Food Packaging A packing concept designed for the M&S Daily loaf. The Daily Loaf was specifically designed to appeal to the family market. Using watercolour illustration for individual images related to baking, applied to a full white wrap of the loaf. All information and branding has been kept consistent in the water colour style. Comes with additional marketing material in the form of a magazine advertisement.
Worlds Without End
Book Design A full layout design based around an article looking into the existence of parallel universes 'Worlds Without End'. Using found imagery and specific typesetting, the book has been designed to act as an interactive journey for the reader. Coming with three different colour filters the images on each page change when viewed though these (video demonstration in project)
Illustrative Poetry Book Series
Branding/Book Cover Design A series of illustrative poetry book covers each responding to the poems they represent.
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